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23 Dec 2017

Bali Rayon Batik Fabric: Another Thing to Cherish about from the Island of Gods

What do you have in mind upon hearing the word “batik”? Is it something about ethnic products that look fresh and unique? Is it something that reminds you about your past getaway in the island of Gods?
23 Dec 2017

Get Hoffman Bali Batik Fabric to Complete Your Quilting Business

Looking to establish a craft or quilt shop? If that is you intention, you sure do need quality products to stock that shop with. So, you move on to purchase supplies, tools, and equipment in bulk to
23 Dec 2017

On Why You Need Bali Batik Fabric For Quilting

Are you currently running a quilt shop or a shop that sells quilted crafts? If so, are currently in need of an upgrade to your collection? When you feel like your shop lacks diversification and want to