Bali Rayon Batik Fabric: Another Thing to Cherish about from the Island of Gods

Bali Rayon Batik Fabric: Another Thing to Cherish about from the Island of GodsWhat do you have in mind upon hearing the word “batik”? Is it something about ethnic products that look fresh and unique? Is it something that reminds you about your past getaway in the island of Gods? Or is it about the numerous crafts you can come up with using the fabric? Well, if you think about making a batik dress, then there is no other thing better than bali rayon batik fabric. Why? To be able to answer that question, let’s break it down a little bit. First, the ‘batik’ part. Batik is of course rich in ethnic qualities you love from a tropical country in Asia. Its one-of-a-kind property is suitable for anyone looking to create a look that is not only similarly one-of-a-kind but also out-of-this-world. Batik is that one art form that is a must-have item for every fashion enthusiast for its quality and rich patterns. Second, the ‘Bali’ part. Needless to say, the island of Bali is a heaven for avid travelers (even those who are not probably have heard of it). And Bali is so much more than beautiful beaches and tons of cultural heritages. It is also home to Bali batik fabric, a variant of Indonesian batik that looks different from its brethren. Balinese batik has patterns and colors that are unique to the island thus when you purchase the fabric you practically get something that is special even among the likes in Indonesia.

Third, the ‘rayon’ part. Rayon is a semi-synthetic material produced by cellulose regeneration process. As such, it has fairly less risks to your health. But the true value of this material is its innate qualities: it does not wrinkle so easily, it feels cool to the skin, and it is very low-maintenance (if not maintenance-free at all). Typical batik fabrics are stiff and hot when worn but bali rayon batik fabric is a product of wonder.

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So by the above mentioned explanation, you should be able to get the big picture. A bali rayon batik fabric covers pretty much everything you need in your new dress. It is unique, it is one of a kind, it is accommodate. The fabric’s patterns and motifs will not get in the way when it comes to determining the nature of the resulting dress. With a pattern and a motif that is a combo of modern and traditional, you can turn the fabric into whatever kind of dress you wish to create accordingly.